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MW0JZE biography

MW0JZE biography


Hi fellow amateurs and web surfers, thanks for looking me up.

Name is Anthony or to my mates and the purpose of radio, ANT!



This is me at CQ WW SSB SOSR 2008 15m with my other call GW4OH

3 elle yagi @ 12m, Elecraft K3 and 400 Watts


I have had a keen interest in radio for the past 20 years since having a CB radio in my lorry during the late 1980's, this was mainly for company during my long hours on the road. During the summer period I started to hear european voices on the CB and made hundreds of contacts during the Spradic E propagation which led me towards the world of amateur radio. My XYL Laura was in the royal signals as was her father before her and they both encouraged me to obtain my full liecence in 1996.

My home station consists of the below

  • Elecraft K3 #485 Kit form
  • Yaesu FT920
  • Acom 1000
  • Homebrew G3TXQ BB Hexagonal Beam
  • HY-Gain CD 45II from 1981!
  • Homebrew 40m 1/4 traped at top with leg for inverted L for 80M and 62 radials
  • Heil sets for above radios with footswitch
As you can see I only like HF and 6m, all phone! Passed the morse but found it hard, some can and some can't I guess. More at home digging the hole to erect the mast and making the antenna than repairing radios and sending morse hi.

My main love is DX'ing and contesting, although only major contest such as CQ WW SSB and CQ WPX SSB, I do enter others but casual entries just to keep my "Q" speed up.

For the major contests I am part of the MC0SHL team and treat the contests as a social event which is a very important part of the hobby for me! This is the main reason for me being a part of the team.

73's c u on the bands :-)