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M0URX biography

M0URX biography

Hi i am Tim Beaumont M0URX,

Welcome to my World of Amateur Radio, a World where dreams come true! a hobby that I have become obsessed with since i was at school. It has taken a long time to get fully licenced but at last M0URX is "On Air" I am also licensed as E51SDE in the Cook Islands, a tropical paradise that i long to go back to soon. After two holiday style DXpeditions in 2002 and 2005 to the North & South Cook Islands as ZK1SDE, Tim has logged 10,000 QSO's from the Pacific.

I am a RSGB Sub Bureau QSL Manager for the RSGB for the G4DAA - G4DZZ & G4RAA - G4RZZ call series. If you need more info please see my contact page.

I very much enjoy the DX pile up from both sides of the radio. There is nothing more of a challenge than "The Pile Up" So far i have 268 DXCC confirmed since 2002.

qsl-m0urx My Radio Station : TX RX Yaesu FT-2000, audio powered by a Heil HC-4 Pro Set microphone.

Yaesu FT-897 used for VHF and audio powered by a Yaesu MD-100.

Antenna: TGM MQ36SR Mini Quargi 6,10,12,15,17,20m, and a Jaybeam 9 element yagi for 2m. Turned by a Create RC-5 rotator. My mast is a 12m Tennamast type.

My Biography continues.......

I have always enjoyed travelling and followed my heart to discover parts of the World where others rarely tred. Africa was a big adventure, I made many friends in Zimbabwe and used Harare as a base to travel to Zambia to the North and Mozambique to the East, a country that was not long out of a 25 year civil war. Despite the stories of hijacking on the highway I drove with friends along the Beira road to the coast of Mozambique stopping on the way to visit crocodile hunter Pip Thornycroft, he has some fishing lodges way out in the bush. That was some expedition! Before moving onto Vilanculos, the children there were amazing. One little chap said to me…. “Please Sir, have you any money to buy me some shoes, my mummy has no money” That line has haunted me for the last 10 years! Apparently I slept in the same bed as Chelsea Clinton (Former Pres Bill Clinton’s daughter) slept during her stay here. But not together haha!!!!!

Then there was the story of the ghost at the Halfway Inn, I will tell you that one over a drink sometime.
Then I travelled up to Zambia along the “Road to Hell” in the bush where I stopped at the roadside where a small boy was clutching his dad in his arms he had died of thirst and hunger. The little boy said, “Please help, my dad is dead we have been waiting here for 2 days” that was in temperatures up to 43c. It is things like that in life that are life changing and make you realise what is really important in life. I was deported from Zambia and stayed at Kanyemba on the Zimbabwe side of the Zambezi River.

My hobby over all these years is Amateur Radio where I hold the Advanced Licence and callsign of M0URX, yes it is time to put that anorak on! Joking aside it is through this hobby that I have met the people in my life that have shown me great friendship and lifelong mates. On another one of my travel adventures I went West to the South Pacific Ocean to a tropical Island called Aitutaki (Pronounced Eye-Too-Tar-Key) More famous now for Channel Four’s successful series called Shipwrecked were the Tigers and Sharks fight it out on the Islands to be the winning team! I was at the tiny airstrip and met by Queen Tutai Manarangi …. Never had a real Queen welcome me before! This Island is on the Top Ten list to visit before you die! Well I nearly didn’t get home, after the Island was hit by 5 hurricanes the worst a Category 5 Cyclone Meena I really was marooned on a desert Island for weeks before a plane came to take me away. I can best describe that experience as like living next to a freight train ripping past for 6 hours! Aitutaki is wonderful, sheer beauty and Queen Tutai the perfect host.

2003 gave me new travel experiences this time to Japan, the land of the rising sun. Mount Fuji in all her splendour. The most polite people in the World. The cleanest country you have ever seen and a work ethic Royal Mail management can only dream for.
Tokyo is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! To Aki, Katsu and all my friends Arigatou gozaimasu. Yes i learnt some Japanese Too!

In 2005 i visited the country of Sweden where friends introduced me to Skiing in the resort of Safsen where i had another ghostly experience.... Just who was chopping wood at 2.30am! and walking on the varandah?

I still work at Royal Mail after 20 years of toil and grief in the workplace!

So what next in this journey of life?