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About Strumble Head Group

About Strumble Head Group


In 2005 a group of like minded friends gathered together in West Wales to activate GB0SH from within strumble_from_stepsStrumble Head Lghthouse, Near Fishguard, West Wales, during the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW). This group consisted of Ant MW0JZE, Rob MW0RLJ, Tim M3SDE (now M0URX), Marti M1DCV, Oliver MW0JRX, and Russell G5XW.

The following year there was a change to the team  with russell being unable to make the trip the substitute of Chris G1VDP was invited along. The team then made the plans to enter the CQWW DX Phone contest from the Island of Alderney (EU-114) using the Wythall clubs contest call of MU5W in the Multi operator 2 radio category (Multi/2) with Ant MW0JZE, Tim M0URX, and Oliver MW0JRX operating. This gave them the taste for bigger things.

Again in 2007 the team of Ant, Rob, Tim, Oli and Chris once again activated GB0SH from the Lighthouse and decided to have a go in the CQWW Phone contest later that year as a Multi Operator Multi transmitter (Multi/Multi) entry from Robs Farm. the planning of antennas and the station had been going on most of the year as it had been conceived in Alderney and with further discussion at CDXC dinner with Tim, Chris and farma friend of theirs Callum M0MCX as a posibility of going ahead.

The team gathered at Rob's farm and erected all the antennas and set up the 6 stations for all the contest bands. The core members of the team were Ant MW0JZE, Rob MW0RLJ, Chris G1VDP, Tim M0URX, Oli MW0JRX, Charles M0OXO, and Villiam OM0AAO. They also invited along Dai MW0CRI, Ian M0KCM and Neil 2E0TUX (M3POV) as guest operators for the weekend. It is over this weekend that the Strumble Head DX and Contest Group was formed.

There was a Club Call applied for, MC0SHL, along with a club contest call, MW9W. Since then the team have aired both calls, though the MW9W was from Chris' home station in the CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2008 as M9W. This is where the first of many club certificates were won as the #1 in England in the 40M Single Operator High power section. And then Ant and Rob activated MW9W from the farm in the CQWPX Phone event in 2008, we are awaiting results on this contest.

Since then the group have returned to the Lighthouse in 2008, operated using MC0SHL, and Ant and Rob activated MW9W from the Farm in the CQ WPX Phone contest 2008. Future plans are for CQWW 2008 activations, CQ WPX Contest activations and the team are in the midst of planning a special activation from a UK island for the IOTA contest.

Full details of all past and future activities can be found in the main menu.