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Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

It is just over a week before we head down to the farm for some on air fun in the CQ WPX SSB contest. Not all team members can make it for the weekend so we will be putting on single band entries in the contest, using the club calls MW9W and MC0SHL (Oli MW0JRX and Chris G1VDP) possibly on 40 and 80M. If any other members arrive we will then look at other bands and again do single band entries with alternative call signs.

chris_g1vdp_3Not only will we be taking part in the contest but we are going to have a station dedicated to 30M digital modes before and after - and maybe during if any member who is free wants to have a go. Chris G1VDP is going to put Wales on the air on 30M RTTY and PSK63/125. As you all know Chris enjoys his digi modes and has looked at the activity from Wales on the 30M band, and he sees that it is still a quite wanted DXCC on this band.

He plans to be active on the Thursday night on RTTY, look aroung 10148 for him calling CQ. If the pile up gets too big he will operate split listening 1 - 2KHz down. If there is enough demand he will also try PSK63, and PSK125. Again these 2 modes are under utilised from Wales.

If you want to arrange a sked please e-mail Chris G1VDP at the address in the contacts page.

Good luck and we hope to see you on the screen.

Chris G1VDP operating on RTTY at


Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Well the weekend of the CQWPX RTTY contest has now passed us by and I enterd from home using the club call M9W. But as usual my plans for just operating as a single band entry went out the window. I was going to enter on 80M only and operate through Friday night, sleep Saturday and then operate Saturday night, grab a couple of hours sleep on theimg_0007Sunday, and then go to the end on the Sunday evening.

Never happened. I started well on the Friday evening with a good small run to the USA and Caribbean area. This then dried up so I thought I would have a go on 40M, and again worked USA, Europe and Asia. It was around 4.30 and I was strting to feel sleepy so went to bed.

I then received a phone call from a friend needing some help with a small job, so off I went to their house to help. I returned and thought get on 20M for a couple of hours, and then tried 15M with only 2 contacts. So on 20M I worked Asia, throughEuropwe to the USA. And by when 5pm came round I again had to leave the radio. I had forgotten there was a Northern Soul event at a local venue (see my website http://www.g1vdp.com) and I had promised my friends I would be there. So it was off out for a few drinks and a dance.

img_0001When I returned I had a quick tune and call on 40 and 80M with more USA and Caribbean worked. Sunday I spent again on 20M with a quick check on 15M. Ending the day on 40M with a final spurt on 80M.The final results were;

432 QSO's
1408 Points
253 WPX
Claimed score of 356,224

This is only a part time score due to the constant interuptions and the antennas were only dipoles - 80M, 40M and 30M tuned for 20M and 15M through my Palstar AT2K.

Don't forget we will be on from the farm in a few weeks in the CQ WPX SSB contest. Not sure how we are going to operate as yet, but it is looking like a 2 single band activation using MW9W and MC0SHL. Hope to work you in the contest.

CQ WPX Contest - M9W hits the air.

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough
This weekend sees the CQ WPX RTTY contest, so it gives me the opportunity to have a play on one of the low bands and to use the club call M9W. 

Last weekend I played in the XE RTTY contest and just did a short time on the air, this weekend I intend to be on the air longer, and from the start. So look out for me on 40M Friday and Saturday night. I will also be on all day Sunday. 

I may try some of the other bands, but with not having a beam for the higher HF bands, and my wires not being resonant I am a little restricted.

But Hey! I am only entering for the fun and to see what is out there and to see what I can work with my wires!

IOTA Activation

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

At last we have the go ahead to announce our IOTA contest activation. It has taken a lot of negotiating by Rob but finally we have the go ahead to tell the world.iota-co

During the weekend of 23rd to 27th July 2009 the SHDXCG will be on the air from Ramsey Island (EU-124) for the RSGB IOTA contest. This is understood to be the first official activation, with the blessing of the RSPB and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Council.

Full details are on the Club House pages and there are Links to the sponsors of this event on our Links pages.

We must thank Rob -MW0RLJ- and Greg -the Warden on Ramsey Island - for getting this to happen. Don't forget to keep watching on here and in the news sheets for any updates.

We know it is not quite Desechio or Willis but all the same it may be a new island, though not IOTA Group, for IOTA hunters. 


80M CC Results

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

After a struggle in the data section of the Club Champs from my home shack it was nice to find out that the results of the first CW leg which can be found at http://www.vhfcc.org/hfcc/results/2009/80mcc2009.shtml and it is also nice to see that the SHDXCG are not in last position.

We are looking forward to next months contests and increasing the groups scores.

Plans are well under way for the CQ WPX RTTY contest in February where I will be on the air as M9W, only on 40M as a single op. We will also be on from the farm in the CQ WPX phone contest at the end of March.

Hope to work you all on the bands.


Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

WOW what top news to hit our e-mails this morning.139._our_host_rob_and_his_partner_jane

Rob and Jane have got engaged!

This means another excuse to go to the farm and see the pair of them and have a celebratory party. Not that we need an excuse to do this.

Congratulations Rob and Jane from all the boys, and may we bless your house in the future and raise a glass in a toast! 

80M Club Championships

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

For the first time the club will be taking part in the 80M Club Championships from ourhome stations. Mostly it will be SSB, but a few of us will be appearing on RTTY and CW.

The first one on Monday was myself on the air and due to the high noise level locally I was struggling to hear alot of stations. But as I was only in S&P mode I did only make 22 contacts, again all due to S9+ noise across the bottom section of the band.

We have also finalised plans for CQ WPX and the RSGB IOTA contest, so watch this space on the announcement and details.

Seasonal Greetings

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough
Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddn Newydd

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Joeux Noel et Bonne Annèe
Felices Pascuas y Feliz Año Nuevo
Vasel Koleda
Froehliche Weihnachten undein gluckliches Nues Jahr
Kala Christougenna Kieftihismenos O Kenowios Chronos
Boldoy Karácsonyt
Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia
Cestitamo Bozia
Boas Fiestas e um feliz Ano Novo
Nollaig Shona Dhuit
From all at the Strumble Head DX and Contest Group.

May we meet on the air sometime in 2009. 

Published at last

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough
Details Yes we finally did it.

One of our reports actually published in Rad Com, the magazine of the RSGB. It is in the January issue and tells of the CQWW activation in 2007. We are all proud to have been part of that team and to have come so far in the last year.

If you can get hold of a copy, or go to the reports page on here and read up on it. 

Beverage antenna preamplifier finished


I have finished the beverage antenna preamplifier. The 9:1 transformer is based on the W8JI’s recommodations. It is wound on the tree binocular ferrite cores BN73-202. I was wondering how the SWR is. When terminated with 450 ohms there is no significiant return power, when terminated with 470 ohms the SWR rise to 1:1,1. Perfect!

The schematic diagram of preamplifier looks very simple – two LC circuits and MMIC. There is much more to do with adjusting bandpass filter and fiting the circuit in the shielted box and all in the waterproof box.

The circuit was later improved with a LED diode which is indicating if the current is flowing to the box or not. Output plug is standard PL.

Beverage antenna for 80m band


The beverage antenna project for 80m has begun. This weekend I have build simple preamplifier with MSA monolithic microwave integrated circuit. The gain is around 8db and amplifier compression -1dB is at 19dBm point. The gain should be not greater due overloading receiver. Yesterday I have measured input bandpass filter which I got from my another project - RX for 80m. Due the possibility of detuning in various temperatures I have set greater bandwidth. The passband is now 3,52 - 3,92MHz.

Not easy to found non-inductive resistors for beverage. It's terminating resistor with value around 450 Ohms. After several minutes I found suitable resistor in my box. Today I would like to wind transformer 1:9 and move filter on new PCB.

Later I will buy two waterproof plastic boxes and fit all inside them. Probably on the end of November I try beverage antenna on the Air.

End of the week.

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

That's it. Tomorrow we all travel home. Tim and I go back to the Midlands, dropping Anthony MW0JZE off at his home in Llanelli on the way. Charles M0OXO has a 7 hour drive home to his home in Yorkshire. And Oliver MW0JRX will be driving to Manchester airport to take Villiam OM0AAO so he can catch his plane back to Slovakia.

We have taken down almost all the antennas, leavng the 40M vertical so we can make some more contacts this evening and first thing in the morning. All logs will be uploaded on to LOTW before the end of the week, and QSL's sent as we receive them - if you require a bureau card please e-mail our manager M0URX. The report and pictures will also be uploaded to the gallery.

We would like to extend our thanks to all who called in, and especially to those who tried and managed to view the webcam. bending_well_in_the_50mph_gales

The final claimed scores for each station was as follows;

160M MW9W (OM0AAO)-  61 DXCC, 13 Zones, Total Points 39,590
80M MW0JRX (MW0RJX)- 91 DXCC, 18 Zones, Total Points 151,510
40M MC0SHL (M0URX)- 98 DXCC, 23 Zones, Total Points 159,478
40M MW0X (M0OXO) - 83 DXCC, 21 Zones, Total Points 145,288
15M GW4OH (MW0JZE) - 101 DXCC, 29 Zones, Total Points 130,520
10M GW1VDP (G1VDP) - 15 DXCC, 3 Zones, Total Points 846

The conditions on 10M were so bad that I had enough time to get plenty of sleep, keep all the other guys with coffee and tea, ensured they had were fed. I also worked along side Rob MW0RLJ with tightening and securing the guy ropes for the masts. The other bands were alive as can be seen from the results.

Ant  (MW0JZE) feels that he could have done more if we had a 4 element yagi for 15M, he lost out on the Easterly direction, with very few European and Far East ststions in the log - Scandinavia was a noted area missing - so this is something we will be looking at for next year.

We have discussed the 40M results and the only way to improve our scores is to either go for a 4 square or beam - the 2 element beam is looking good at the minute and will be discussed more over the next few months.

80M will be a 4 square for next year, as long as we can get down here for a weekend or 2 to test it out in the new year. I guess this is another excuse to visit this beautiful part of Wales for a beer with good company and even better, with friends.

The antenna for 160M worked well and our top band guru, Viliam OM0AAO, thinks that we could only do a little better if we had beverages for this band, or just go for beverages on 80M.

10M was just a wash out across the country. This is from the reports we had from our friends, and other reports on the contest forums.Next year we will try the same antenna and pray to the propagation gods that the sunspots come back.mw9w-farm

Already we are planning  for a trip some time in the new year to come back down to assist rob in erecting his new Cushcraft X7 beam, which will be our 20M antenna in the future. He has to excavate a big hole and fill it with concrete to mount his 60 foot tower - we have even convinced him to erect the tower for 15M in a more permanent position at the top corner of the field.

We will be updating the website with a full write up, and hopefully may be get it published in a magazine or two.

See you all on the bands from home, and remember to listen out for any of the club calls in contests, or maybe just appearing on the bands at any time. Please also come back and visit our site at any time in the future.

Regards - The Boys from the Strumble Head Dx and Contest Group (MC0SHL)

Coming to the end of the contest

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello all,

Just a quick update. We have attacked the bands with gusto doing the single op single band categories. Tim wrote earlier about the calls that we were to use and the only real disappointing band has been 10M.

We will be carrying on until the end at midnight on the following bands,

160M - MW9W
80M - MW0JRX
40M - MC0SHL

All have put in a sterling effort and we will update on progress with the scores tomorrow when we have had some sleep and before we strip the antennas down for clear up and returning the field back to Rob's working farm.

We have learnt alot from this contest, and will be implementing the plans into our next contest effort as a team - which we are planning for the WPX contest in March. So we hope to work you all in that one.

We must also extend our thanks to Jane - Robs girlfriend - who has cooked 4 gorgeous meals and 2 breakfasts for the group. This has been most welcome and it has given us time to field ideas and have team meetings where we are all sat around the table at the same time. Thanks Jane.

All the Boys at Strumble Head DX and Contest Group.

'Pushing the envelope'

Charles Wilmott
Charles Wilmott

Hi, Saturday evening and missing Strictly Come Dancing but for a good cause. Everything progressing well at this location with the 10 & 15M operators pushing the envelope of their Stations as contacts on those bands have been very challenging today. The 40M station still doing very well as Tim M0URX (MC0SHL) approaches the end of his 24hour stint and Charles   M0OXO (MW0X) takes over. Tim says:- ''I am very tired today as the weather in the last few days has hampered our efforts to get the stations on line. We were still erecting antennas up to the start of the contest in the dark and this made a chance of any rest before the contest impossible. With 3 hours to go i have 87 DXCC, 22 CQ Zones and around 90,470 points. I am looking forward to the end purely due to the tiredness.''

The Weather here continues to keepm us on our toes. Most of the antennas have held upwell in the 40-50mph gusts here on the cliff top. We understand the Shetland Island stations are having the same problems with the wind and certainly here. The 80M Vertical lost 3 out of the 9 guys and was lashing around good style last night, see photo. snv32366

The 15M mast has moved slightly under the force of the wind and we had to utilise the tractor to stablise it whilst we made the necessary repairs, all ok now but sounding very very rough here and again, driving rain.
These challenges have kept us busy thats for sure but as always we have pulled together as a team and overcome then.

We have had good reports about the use of and the viewing
of the Live Streaming Webcam of the Shack here at           MC0SHL. Please continue to use the facility and who knows maybe at some point we may introduce audio. Maybe thats not too good an idea as I am taking over for the next 24hours!

GL to all and thanks for the contacts in the first half of CQWW 2008, regards,

Charles M0OXO (MW0X)