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Only 3 days to go

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Charles M0OXO

Don't forget folks only 3 days to go before the Strumble Head DX and Contest Group (SHDXCG) will once again be activating 1 Welcome to Ramsey Island EU124 2011Ramsey Island (EU-124, WFF GWFF-072) (12th to 16th July 2012).

They will be on all bands from 40M through to 6M using 2 Hexbeams and a Windom. radios will be a Kenwood TS590s, a Kenwood TS480 (see below) and a Yaesu FT890. This year a station will be dedicated to digital, mostly RTTY, using the TS480 at 200w and one of the Hexbeams. They have also analysed their logs and seen that there is a shortage of contacts with North and South America, and also the countries around the Caribbean. They have looked at the terrain and the location of the antennas with a view to getting one Hexbeam a little higher to clear a small ridge that blocks the Westerly direction allowing these contacts to be made.

As usual QSL via the manager Tim, M0URX, using his OQRS system for a speedy turn around. Logs will be uploaded to LOTW and Clublog as soon as they get back to the mainland. 

The team have also advised that they will operate from their farm HQ if they are unable to make the crossing to the island due to bad weather, but will announce on air and on the website if this is the case.

New Sponsor

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written by Chris G1VDP

We are pleased to announce our latest supplier of equipment to the SHDXCG Dxpedition to Ramsey Island.

Clint, KK7UQ from US Navigator, has kindly supplied a set of leads to allow us to use a Navigator Interface on the island so we can use the DIGI modes which we keep promising to do.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Clint from all the team at SHDXCG for this kind gesture.

Navigator Logo

Logbook of the World Support for CQ WPX Award Goes "Live"

Charles Wilmott
Charles Wilmott

LOTWWritten by Charles M0OXO

Logbook of the World Support for CQ WPX Award Goes "Live"

Participants in CQ magazine'sWPX award program may now use the American Radio Relay League's Logbook of the World (LoTW) system to apply for the WPX award and its endorsements.

Amateurs will be able to use LoTW logs to generate lists of confirmed contacts to be submitted for WPX credit. Standard LoTW credit fees and CQ award fees will apply.

LoTW support for the WPX award went "live" on July 2.

MW0JZE - G3TXQ Hexbeam site re-launched!

Charles Wilmott
Charles Wilmott
Written by Charles M0OXO

K1024 SNV35060Ant MW0JZE has just launched his new website for the G3TXQ Hexbeam that he builds and sells commercially. The website has much more information than before including the specs of the Hex, You Tube footage of how to build and also recordings when it is tested against another antenna, plus much much more. A small extract from his site here;

''The Hexbeam is an antenna design that has been around for quite a number of years, first produced commercially by Mike Traffie from www.hexbeam.com this is what many refer to as the "Classic Hexbeam" This has a turning radius of approx 9' 6" or 2.9m and covers 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10m............''

Have a look at the site NOW (Click image left) and learn more about this much talked about antenna!


GB6ØQE - QRV from HMS Belfast

Charles Wilmott
Charles Wilmott

 Written by Charles MØOXO

london-background-hms-belfast-1440x900Chris G1VDP (StrumbleHead DX Group Member) will be QRV this Saturday (30th June) as GB6ØQE (GB6Ø Queen Elizabeth) from the Radio Room aboard HMS Belfast.

HMS Belfast is a museum ship, originally a Royal Navy light cruiser, permanently moored in London on the River Thames and operated by the Imperial War Museum.

Construction of Belfast, the first Royal Navy ship to be named after the capital city of Northern Ireland and one of ten Town-class cruisers, began in December 1936. She was launched on St Patrick's Day, 17 March 1938.

She saw a high level of service for her Country from then and in December 1943 played an important role in the Battle of North Cape, assisting in the destruction of the German warship Scharnhorst. In June 1944 Belfast took part in Operation Overlord supporting the Normandy landings. In June 1945 Belfast was redeployed to the Far East to join the British Pacific Fleet, arriving shortly before the end of the Second World War. Belfast saw further combat action in 1950–52 during the Korean War and underwent an extensive modernisation between 1956 and 1959. A number of further overseas commissions followed before Belfast entered reserve in 1

In 1967, efforts were initiated to avert Belfast's expected scrapping and preserve her as a museum ship. Opened to the public in October 1971, Belfast became a branch of the Imperial War Museum in 1978. A popular tourist attraction, Belfast receives around a quarter of a million visitors per year.

Please listen for GB60RN and give Chris your support!

Alternative Jubilee Celebrations

Rob Johns
Rob Johns

Written by Rob Johns, MW0RLJ

Well, after a lot of prodding I have finally decided to put pen to paper (infact it's more finger to keyboard very slowly) and write a little something about the jubilee weekend that Jane and myself had - whilst Chris and so many other people were spending time in London watching all the official activities connected with the Queens Jubilee.around ramsey trip 4-june 2012 092

We wanted to do something which was different, and as it was such a fine day, (one of very few which we have had to date this year) so we decided to go on a round Ramsey Island trip. After a quick call to Thousand Island Expeditions to make a booking, and a hectic half hour of making a small packed lunch and making sure we had a different coat for all possible weather scenarios, we headed off to St Davids where we had to pick up our tickets for the trip. When we called them in the morning they said that there were plenty of spaces available but by the time we picked up our tickets they said that the boat was almost full (so glad we booked!!).

We then headed down to St Justinians. This is the same place we sail from when we make our crossings to Ramsey Island for our radio activations, and it is also where the St Davids lifeboat is housed. After a short wait on the slipway it was time to board the "Gower Ranger" and head off on around ramsey trip 4-june 2012 021our mini adventure. We crossed the strech of water known as "Ramsey Sound" and it looked so different to when we normally cross because we were approaching from a different angle.

As soon as we saw the landing stage we felt that we should be going up to see our friends Gregaround ramsey trip 4-june 2012 025 and Lisa, the island wardens, but when we thought about it we had been to see them only a few weeks previously and this was after all an adventure. We approached the island now from the south side of the rocky outcrops which were in full view due to the low state of the tide ,and it is these rock  that create the turbulent waters of what is known as "The Bitches", when the tide is coming in and going out.       

Just around the next small headland we had a view of the Farmhouse and the outbuildings,from a different perspective to our normal view. Now the skipper began our leisurely trip around the island,assisted by a running comentary from his mate. We were so lucky that the weather was fairly calm, and we could go around ramsey trip 4-june 2012 038very close to the craggy coastline.

On the first stretch  of cliffs we came accross dozens of Razorbills on the ledges,all of which had something to say to one another and which resulted in quite a noisy reception. We had now reached the southernmost point of the island and we began to weave through the numerous small island which cluster together at this point and which are below one of the high points of the island, (the point from which I had done a video on a previous stay on the island). Whilst we were going through these smaller island we were surrounded by all sorts of wildlife.

There were seals hauled up on the rocks enjoying the sunshine, there were delicate Kittiwakes uparound ramsey trip 4-june 2012 031 on the ledges sitting on their precariously placed nests and also Guillimots in large numbers, also sitting on their nests and easy to see on the ledges which had become white with the stains of their droppings.  We were now on the West side of the Island and a bit more exposed to the Atlantic winds and as we headed north along this coastline we were confronted by some great rock formations and areas of different coloured lichens wich survive on these salt washed, exposed cliffs.  

around ramsey trip 4-june 2012 058We now headed towards the northern end of the island which, in contast to the rugged southern end consists of more gently  sloping rocks, which are more accessible from the fields above, making them much easier for sheep to get down close to the waters edge.

After we had rounded the last point on the north end we could see the islands landing stage in the distance,and after going in and out of a few small caves, some of which were reportedly used by German U-Boats to get acces to fresh water during the war years, our trip was just about over.

All we had leftaround ramsey trip 4-june 2012 066 to do was to cross Ramsey sound again and head for the slipway at St Justinians.What a great way to spend  an afternoon, and I would recommennd it to anyone.

DX Code of Conduct - June update

Charles Wilmott
Charles Wilmott

DX code1Here is and extract from the June 2012 DX Code of Conduct newsletter from Randy W6SJ;

''I am pleased to give you all a progress report. We should all be pleased at our efforts. ARRL made an announcement recently that the LOTW user total had reached 50,000. I think that is a fair measure of the size of the DX community and compares reasonably well with the number of unique call signs worked by the big DXpeditions.''


Read the full newsletter and/or the terms of the DX Code of Conduct on the links below;


DX Code of Conduct     DX Code of Conduct June 2012 Newsletter   



Monthly Group Update.

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello to all our readers. Just a brief update on what we are all up to and going to be doing over the next month or so.

new to qslinCharles (M0OXO) has been busy on his website with his QSL manager work and writing a new "How to QSL Correct" page. Always well worth book marking his page and visiting regularly (daily for me) as he not only includes information from off the radio but his blog has interesting reading and links to other facinating items. Charles also operated as MQ0OXO making 4050 contacts from home. He also assisted with GB60HRH where he managed to make 1034 contacts in one day.

Tim (M0URX) is also a busy boy with his QSL managing. Like Charles he has a website where you can find information about QSLing and QSL card printing, again bookmark the site and visit regularly for updates. He has also been on the air working the DX that most people say just isn't there.

Ant (MW0JZE) is busy with Hexbeam orders. Not only has he been building for his customers but he is building one for the group expedition to Ramsey Island in July. He is also helping his wife with starting a new business and building123 Over the antennas websites for both the Hexbeam and Laura's venture - watch this space for more news on this.

Rob (MW0RLJ) has as usual been hard at work down on the farm. We are trying to convince him to do a write up on what is happening to keep you guys up to date with a farmers year, and what actually happens down there. But he does find time for the radio having a almost daily chat with Jim E51JD in the Cook Islands. One of Rob's boys also got married recently so he and Jane both attended this event, and all the remaining members of the group wish Tryst and his new wife Tor all the best for the future.

Tony (G4LDL) is just as busy with his work, though he should be retired now but is such a specialist within his industry DSC 3586that he is now having to work almost as hard as before he retired.

Chris (G1VDP) has been out and about. During the Queens Diamond Jubilee event he was on the air as GQ1VDP on digi modes only - mostly RTTY - making a small number of QSO's (796 to be exact) but enjoyed his time on air. Not only this but as can be seen below he visited Englands capital city, London, to join in with the celebrations and visit HMS Belfast where he operated as GB60ER.

So what have the group got planned over the next month? 

Firstly Rob and Jane will be celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary on the 26th June, and all the boys wish them the very best and may this be one of many. I guess we will have to plan something to celebrate with them when we get to Ramsey Island.DSC 0294

On 30th June listen out for GB2RN on SSB and DATA modes as it could be Chris (G1VDP) on the mic/keyboard. He has been invited to join and visit HMS Belfast group to activate this historic ship. He will be there for the whole day so please do call in and say hello. If you make contact please do follow the QSL instructions on the GB2RN website.

From 12th July through to the 16th July Rob, Ant, Charles, Chris, and Jane will be on Ramsey Island (EU-124) for their annual trip. This year they are doing a light activation but will also have digi mode facilities so Charles and Chris will be using RTTY for some fun on the various bands. We are also thinking of using 40M on the Sunday for inter G contacts, something we have not tried before. So listen out for MC0SHL and again follow the QSLing route on this website. Remember we are big believers in the DX Code of Conduct and ask all who call us to follow this and point others to the document. It is not hard but more a courtesy to fellow hams. What we would also like is for as many first time contacts with us, so if you worked the boys on 20M previously then hold off and work us on a different band giving the ones who have not worked us before the chance for the new cocontact.

Logo EUTim also will be the QSl manager for the CY9M trip to St Paul Island (NA-094) at the end of July. He again requests that you follow the instructions on the webpage for your QSl requests. Please also respect the DX Code of Conduct when calling in to this one. And if you hear bad operating then do point the culprits to the DX Code website!

Ant and Chris are also planning a trip to Lundy Island (EU-120) with John (M5JON) and Peter (M0ILT) in October. This will be a 2 station activation and more details will be announced nearer the time. Keep an eye on the DX New Sheets for full details this next week or so.


One or two other special event stations will be on the air throughout the year where the boys will be involved with their local groups.


A Right Royal Knees Up - Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

queenieAs previously mentioned this past weekend saw the celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2nd Accession to the throne here in the UK. This entailed a weekend of activities around the world including a weekend of events in the capital city of England - London.



This started with a family fun day on Saturday 2nd June in Hyde Park. A two-day family festival for Mum in Hyde parkthe Queen's Diamond Jubilee, featuring live music and entertainment on the main stage and in zones - including the Kids Zone, the Disney Zone, the Parade Ground (featuring the White Helmet Motorcycle Display Team) and The Commonwealth Zone  with Harambee African drummers, Maori Haka dancers and more. A wealth of Great British food was available from various outlets which included the great British pie, roasts, fish and chips, jellied eels and cream teas. All around the festival were traditional entertainers which included Pearly Kings and Queens, marching bands, men on stilts and singing tea ladies. The day culminated in a live show titled 'The Magic of Disney in Concert', with music, songs and characters from films including 'Beauty and the Beast', 'The Jungle Book', 'The Lion King' and 'Sleeping Beauty' - along with all ten Disney Princesses. The main stage also featured performances from the popular BBC television programme Strictly Come Dancing, hosted by Craig Revel Horwood, along with excerpts from the musical 'War Horse'.

diamond-jubilee-thames-river-pageant-20120603-090049-166The Sunday saw the Pageant on the Thames. Over 1,000 boats took part in the pageant, including those used by the armed forces and emergency services, as well as historic boats, narrow boats and man-powered craft.

Her Majesty The Queen was aboard The Spirit of Chartwell, a traditional Royal Barge decorated in the style of a grand Pullman railway carriage. The Royal barge was directly behind all the small manfamily on barge powered, rowing boats, where it sailed down the reiver to moor up at the Royal Navys HMS President where the royal party watched the rest of the pageant go past.

Each craft was decorated with streamers and flags from many nations. The passenger boats carried up to 20,000 members of the public. The flotilla was led by a floating belfry, carrying 12 tonnes of bells, which will be chiming for the length of the route. flotillaThere were also Ten musical barges which accompanied the different sections of the flotilla, carrying a range of performers such as the Herald Fanfare Trumpeters and the London Philharmonic Orchestra - who performed "Pomp and Circumstance" as it passed the Royal party at HMS President. 

On the eastern side of Tower Bridge, ships too large to pass underneath assembled to form the Avenue of Sail. More than 60 historic and stunning boats lined the banks. One of our team, Chris (G1VDP), was in London for this great event, but sadly was unable to get close DSC 3453enough to the River to see the pageant. But this did not deter him and he was among the crowd on the approach to Tower Bridge watching the events on one of the big screens that had been erected around London for this reason. He is quoted as saying "The atmosphere was awesome, I just wish I had been able to get into London earlier to get a spot down on the Embankment. Some DSC 3432fantastic sights also and some people really had gone to town with their costumes and getting dressed up."

Monday was a little quieter during the day which allowed Chris to explore the area around Tower Bridge and the river, which included a visit to HMS Belfast which is moored up in the Pool of London and is now a museum. It also houses the GB2RN special event station, which for the weekend was on the air as GB60QE. The station manager kindly allowed Chris to operate the station DSC 3579where he made contact with GB60PH in Pontefract, operator name of Nigel. He is sure that if he had been able to get on the air for longer he could have enjoyed some nice contacts around the UK and Europe on 40M that day, and he has promised himself and the GB2RN station manager to go and have a full day operating the station for them.


DSC 3455He also visited Trinity House, sadly the building was closed for the public holiday, which was across the road from his hotel he stayed in. Trinity House operate and manage most of the light houses around the UK's coast, and as the group started life from one of these we feel a great affection and affiliation to this organisation.

The evening saw a special concert arranged by the BBC outside Buckingham Palace, the home of the Queen, which was screened live on TV. This was a ticket only affair in the immediate area, but it could also be seen on Big screens around the major parks in London including Hyde Park and St James' Park. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry performed including Elton John, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, and from the roof of the Palace the group Madness.

Following the concert there were beacons lit across the country, ending with the last, the National Beacon, being lit by the Queen outside Buckingham Palace.

Below are a selection of photos from the events.

Thames-Diamond-Jubilee-PageantDSC 3574








DSC 3497

DSC 3415





DSC 3546









  concert finale





 concert lights



Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

This weekend sees the celebrations of the Queens Diamond Jubilee - 60 years since Elizabeth 2nd was crowned Queen of United Kingdom and the Commonwealth - with events happening all over the world.

The main events are taking place in London, England. Below are a list of functions that will be televised, and where tickets could be purchased for the concerts and other events, although some of them are free and will be seen on big screens around the capital.

Saturday 2nd June 2012 - Jubilee family Festival, Hyde Park

Sunday 3rd June 2012 - Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, River Thames

Sunday 3rd June 2012 - Jubilee Big Lunch - Street Parties around the UK and the Commonwealth.

Monday 4th June 2012 - Diamond Jubilee Concert, Buckingham Palace,

Tuesday 5th June 2012 - Service of Thanksgiving, St Pauls Cathedral - The Royal family will travel from Westminster Palace to Buckingham Palace with a procession of the Guards and Armed forces. They will then be on the balcony for the RAF Fly Past.

All details of these events can be found here, or on the Direct Gov site.

New Look Website

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Hello all and welcome to our new look website.

We hope you like the changes and the new layout. We have done this so we can be sure that the software we use is the latest version and as up to date as is possible.

As a group we like the new look and are hopefully going to be able to use it more for news and what is happening in our lives - and we are trying to persuade Rob to do a monthly update on what is happening on the farm.

DSC 3240We also have some projects on the go for next year with maybe another lighthouse activation - but not the Strumblehead one sadly. Another IOTA trip later this year involving a couple of the lads, and a plan is hatching for a trip to a Scottish Island which will include a stop off at the GMDX Convention as we pass through. We are still looking at getting on the air from the farm also at various times through out the year.

Charles is currently activating his special call MQ0OXO on all the bands all modes, and Chris is doing the same but only using GQ1VDP on RTTY. Don't forget these are special calls for the Queen's Diamond Jubillee celebrations and will only be on until the 10th of June. Both are having special QSL cards printed, so please call them if you hear them on the air.

73 for now.

Queens Diamond Jubilee Special Calls

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

During the period 5th May 2012 through to 10th June 2012 radio amateurs in the UK are allowed to use a special prefix to mark the accession of her majesty the Queen to the throne, and becoming the head of the commonwealth. There is a special NoV (Notice of Variation) that has to be applied for through the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) and Ofcom.

When the application has been processed the prefix will change to include the letter 'Q', as shown below;Queen_Silver_Jubilee

G0/1/3/4XXX will become GQ0XXX
2E/M/W0XXX will become 2Q0XXX
M3XXX or M6XXX will become MQ6XXX
M0XXX will become MQ0XXX

Where club calls are concerned, for example MC0SHL, these will become MQ0SHL - again replacing the clubs country designator with the 'Q'.

Quite a number of UK stations have taken this up and are now on the air. Most are having special QSL cards printed to celebrate this occasion.

Website changes

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Over the next couple of weeks we are updating the software for the website. This could mean some short downtime as the move is being carried out.

Hopefully this will not disrupt the site too much and we would like to thank James (M0YOM) for all his hard work he is putting in on our behalf in making this happen, and for all he has done for us recently with all the other websites he looks after for the group members.

We are also changing the photos on the banner and hope that you will like the new layout and look of the site when complete.

MC0SHL - On the air this weekend

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough
Please listen for the StrumbleHead Contest & DX Group this coming weekend as they will be active once more from their Club Station in the Pembrokeshire National Park. The team are wfflogogathering to help celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Charles (M0OXO) and his wife Debbie. So please do call in and say hi.

This area is good for WFF as reference GFF-015 and the DXCC is Wales.

The group will be active 'holiday style' from Thursday 19th April to Monday 23rd April 2012.

Qsl request are via Tim (M0URX) where we have a on line QSL request service.

More info about GFF-015 can be seen on Charles website where full details of awards are available.

Thanks and hope to hear you all over the coming weekend,