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Tim Beaumont
Tim Beaumont

GM all from the Team Strumble. Kicked off well last night and everything going ok. We had no progress at all with the 20M station so we carried on as discussed with the 5 Station Single Band idea. As we lost one Band (20M) we had an operator spare. In view of that we decided that Tim M0URX and Charles M0OXO would both do a 24hr entry as snv32237MC0SHL & MW0X respectivly. As well as the spare Operator, Rob MW0RLJ was in standby mode, ready for any issues with antennas we may encounter and also Jane, who was fabulous at providing the necessary Tea, Coffee and hot food.

The Antennas are doing OK but high winds this morning (30MPH) are forecast to get significantly worse this afternoon and to reach Severe 9, not good news when you are fully exposed to the elements as we are here Cry

Dont forget to check out the video stream which is now live from the Shack here at the Station. It can be accessed via the link on our homepage, just follow the instructions remembering the the username and password are both MW9W.

More from us later, please keep in touch, your support and comments are always welcome, see you again soon, bye for now!

Charles M0OXO Wink