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Team arrives at club house


All team members arrived safely at the club house yesterday and immeditely set up the first antenna a 1/4 wave ground40m_qw_vertical_2 mounted vertical with 60 radials. The 40m station was opened and about 300 contacts were logged to 56 countries including 30 RTTY QSOs.

ant_mw0jrz__tim_m0urx_setup_80m_qw_verticalThursday 23rd October - The wind was howling and the rain was pouring, just the sort of weather your dread for setting up antennas for CQWW. The wind was gusing to 60 - 70 mph all day but we still managed to get the 1/4 wave vertical for 80m set up and all 60 radials laid down. Villiam and Oliver set up the 160m inverted L but the weather was just too severe so we dropped this to the ground for safety and to prevent damage to the fishing pole.Tomorrow we aim to set up the other masts and build the beams.

This evening the team worked on the stations inside the club house setting up the radios, amplifiers and computers.

Despite suffering from the really bad weather here in Wales, morale is high and we are really having a great time. Againbending_well_in_the_50mph_gales this evening we are getting on the air on 80M as well as 40M.