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DX Code of Conduct - September Newsletter

Chris Colclough
Chris Colclough

Written By Chris G1VDP

DX code1As you know we are firm believers in the DX code of conduct, and our dream is that one day ALL operators will follow these guidelines. They are not rules, although I think they should be in some cases of bad operating, but common sense on how to work DX stations - be it a single operator on S79 (Maldives) or a major expedition on 3Y (Bouvet).

This months (September 2012) Newsletter from the website has a very funny, but true, video courtesy of NZ3M. I for one did not know that Mr Spock off Star Trek was a DXer, but he is the guy in the video and I for one would not like to have the Vulcan death grip put on me!!! Just follow the link here to view the video, and click on the DX Code logo to read the latest news and to get to know the DX code of conduct.